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     * Elevation Data     * Elevation Data
       * [[http://​​elvis/​|ELVIS - Elevation Information System]]       * [[http://​​elvis/​|ELVIS - Elevation Information System]]
 +====== Terminology ======
 +Well defined and consistant terminology goes a long way to assist in clear and well understood communication.
 +Refer to the [[terminology]] page for further information.
 ====== Datums ====== ====== Datums ======
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 [[http://​​AusDatumTool/​AustralianNationalGrid.html]] [[http://​​AusDatumTool/​AustralianNationalGrid.html]]
-The ANG makes use of the Clarke 1858 spheroid.+The ANG makes use of the Clarke 1858 spheroid, where the parameters are expressed in British feet for mainland Australia (and Clarkes feet for Tasmania).
 ===== Datum Conversions ===== ===== Datum Conversions =====
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