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NSW Topographic Map Boundaries

These are the NSW topographic map boundaries, extracted from the NSW DTDB (Digital Topographic Database) as at 06/05/2016. The maps are a mix of 1:25000, 1:50000 and 1:100000. Most NSW maps are a standard size:

  • 1:25000 - 0.25 deg wide (long) x 0.125 deg high (lat)
  • 1:50000 - 0.50 deg wide (long) x 0.25 deg high (lat)
  • 1:100000 - 0.50 deg wide (long) x 0.50 deg high (lat)

Some maps, typically those on parts of the coast, are only half as wide, to avoid printing large amounts of sea. A few are slightly larger, to avoid printing an extra map. Two maps (Bombo Point, Nadgee) have a separate inset, and one map (Caloola, on the Queensland border) is not rectangular in shape.

NSW Topographic Map boundaries (XLSX)|(JSON as TXT)

6 figure to full UTM

Spreadsheet to convert 6-figure grid references for NSW to full UTM references. Inputs are the map name and the 6 figure grid reference. Basic spreadsheet with no macros.

Download conversion spreadsheet (XLSX)

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