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 |GIS|[[https://​​en/​site/​|QGIS]]|Creating burnt area polygons| |GIS|[[https://​​en/​site/​|QGIS]]|Creating burnt area polygons|
 |???​|???​|Viewing burnt area polygons| |???​|???​|Viewing burnt area polygons|
-|[[https://​​dataset/​fire-history-wildfires-and-prescribed-burns-1e8b6|NPWS Fire History]]| | | |[[https://​​|DEA Hotspots]]| 72 hrs of fire activity|+|[[https://​​dataset/​fire-history-wildfires-and-prescribed-burns-1e8b6|NPWS Fire History]]| | 
 +| |[[https://​​|DEA Hotspots]]|72 hrs of fire activity|
 ===== Process ===== ===== Process =====
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