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bushwalking [Pre-processing data]
Line 157: Line 157:
 New-Item "$targetFolder\input.txt" New-Item "$targetFolder\input.txt"
 Get-ChildItem -Path "$targetFolder\*.tif" | Add-Content "$targetFolder\input.txt" Get-ChildItem -Path "$targetFolder\*.tif" | Add-Content "$targetFolder\input.txt"
-&"gdalbuildvrt.exe" -resolution lowest -input_file_list "$targetFolder\input.txt" "$targetFolder\temp.vrt"+&"gdalbuildvrt.exe" -resolution user -tr 2 2 -input_file_list "$targetFolder\input.txt" "$targetFolder\temp.vrt"
 </file> </file>
-It is possible to then build a larger virtual raster from the individual 1:100k virtual rasters+You can rename temp.vrt to anything you like, but it needs to stay relative to the GeoTIFF files.
 +It is possible to then build a larger virtual raster from the individual 1:100k virtual rasters. Note that larger rasters need to have the same projection. Also keep in mind that not all data is at 2m resolution.
 ===== Loading data ===== ===== Loading data =====
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