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 {{:​2019_02_08_12_17_09_untitled_project_qgis.png?​300|}} {{:​2019_02_08_12_17_09_untitled_project_qgis.png?​300|}}
 {{:​2019_02_08_12_17_57_untitled_project_qgis.png?​300|}} {{:​2019_02_08_12_17_57_untitled_project_qgis.png?​300|}}
 +It is worth noting that a [[qgis_depressionless_dem|depressionless DEM]] does not guarantee that there will be no contour sinks. A deep diagonal channel combined with a small contour interval can still cause sinks. {{::​qgis_raw_contours.png?​nolink&​600|}}
 +See [[https://​​questions/​390221/​fix-unwanted-sink-contours-from-hydrologically-correct-dem/​|GIS Stack Exchange]] for options of how to deal with this.
 ===== Simplifying ===== ===== Simplifying =====
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